Why optometry?

As a Doctor of Optometry, you’ll offer transformative, personalized care to your patients with significant contribution to their quality of life. Practicing optometry is more than diagnosing and treating conditions of the vision system. Your training in whole-body care will equip you to spot broader health problems that could be manifesting as vision issues.

The relationships you build with your patients and the impact you have on their life will be satisfying. That’s why U.S. News and World Report ranks optometry as the 9th best healthcare job. 

Optometry is an ideal calling if you want to work in an industry that helps change lives while also maintaining a balance of work and life.

See yourself as an optometrist

Scholarship application

The Kansas Optometric Foundation awards eight scholarships to optometry students who plan to practice in Kansas. These scholarships are the result of the generous gift of Kansas optometrists, memorial contributions, and the Wichita Eye Foundation. 

Kansas Optometric Foundation Scholarship           $5,000

Kansas Optometric Foundation Scholarship           $5,000

Debbie A. Collins Memorial Scholarship                   $5,000

  Wichita Eye Foundation Scholarship                         $10,000

  Wichita Eye Foundation Scholarship                         $5,000

  Wichita Eye Foundation Scholarship                         $5,000

  Wichita Eye Foundation Scholarship                         $5,000

  Wichita Eye Foundation Scholarship                         $5,000


If you have any questions, please contact

To apply for these scholarships, please follow the instructions and submit all required documentation by October 23, 2023. Past scholarship recipients must reapply each consecutive year in order to be considered for continued funding.

To be considered for these scholarships, all information requested must be submitted in full.

Scholarship eligibility requirements:

Scholarship Application Instructions:

Click the Apply Now button below to fill out the Scholarship Application

As part of the Application you will be required to provide the following. Once you begin filling out your Application you will be able to save your progress. Please complete the entirety of the application. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

1. Complete two short written essays: An explanation of interest in optometry (300 words or less) and need for scholarship (100 words or less)

2. Upload copies of your College and Optometry School Transcripts.

3. Complete three Scholarship Interview Forms (Optometrist and Educator) and upload the completed forms with your application. - Scholarship Interview Form

4. Electronically sign the bottom of your Application indicating your intent to practice optometry in Kansas following graduation from optometry school.

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